Monday, March 1, 2010

Fordham's Recent TV Shout Outs

Fordham, the prestigious university that I have the honor of attending was mentioned on the TV recently. Check it out.

Shia LaBeouf on Jimmy Kimmel Live mentions Fordham as being a great business school (too bad I am not in the College of Business Administration). LaBeouf was recently at Fordham filming Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2.

Jennifer Lopez, a Bronx native mentioned Fordham in her opening monolgue for Saturday's new episode of Saturday Night Live. Check it out. Its kinda funny, but not really. What happened to SNL it was once so great.


  1. Shia's is much better and he is much better. but interesting all the same!

  2. I feel like the SNL writers were off a little with Jennifer's remark for some reason.. I don't know why I'm remembering it like that, I can't watch the video because I have no sound, but yea, that's what I think haha.