Thursday, April 1, 2010

Modern Family goes iPad Crazy for Free

On Last night's (March 31, 2010) episode of Modern Family Phil wants and iPad for his birthday and his wife Claire tries to get one. So much of the episode is revolves around the iPad that it must have been a paid product placement, right? Wrong! (ad age detailed why apple did not have to pay for yet another product placement in the article 'Modern Family' Featured an IPad, but ABC Didn't Collect) The writers simply used the launch of a new apple product as an interesting plot for the show. I think it gave the episode a true to life feeling. The beauty of it was that the product integration was perfectly in character for Phil Dunphy and the show. In an earlier episode Phil purchases a top of the line remote for the television and mentions discussing technology online with his buddies. Phil's line: "Two weeks?! That's the worst thing you can say to an early adopter" Demonstrates the the launch of the iPad is simply an influential event to him. So many times, product placements are ham-fisted and artificial. This time, it felt natural and absolutely essential for the entire plot.

Check out this clip and see how Claire and Phil's son Luke saves the day with his lies.

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