Monday, April 26, 2010

Party Down Puts Glee in its Place

The cast of Starz orginal series Party Down made some big statements to E!Online. "We're better than Glee," said Martin Star; Ryan Hansen chimed in with, "Waaay better than Glee ." Relax, Gleeks. It's all in good fun since Jane Lynch, Sue Sylvester from Glee used to be on the show. 

Party Down is about a team of caters and their escapades on the job. Lynch returns this season when the Party Down team caters her wedding and Ryan Hansen's character Kyle's band plays and Lynch's replacement Megan Mullally faces off with Lynch.

In my opinion it is one of the more outragously funny shows on television. It is a funny workplace comedy like 30Rock or the Office, but being a cable program it can take things to the next level. I suggest watching the entire first season and then start up with season 2.

The second season of Party Down on Starz at 10pm on Fridays. If you have Comcast cable you can check out the lastest episodes at


  1. I have never watched either of those shows but I hear "Glee" is really good. I kinda wanna watch it though...

  2. I don't get Starz but it sounds really interesting. I admit I am a gleek and I think Jane Lynch is so hysterical! Wish I could check this one out!