Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super LETDown 44

Last night was the biggest night in television: The Superbowl. The highlight for many during this must see event is the commercials. This year they fell short in my opinion. Many viewed the commercials as misogynistic portraying women in poor taste. Many commercials also portrayed men as being dumb. I just thought they were all a major letdown. See for yourself:

Misogynist male: “I’d love to hear you read some words”
The punchline - Women: "Do you like Little Women?" Dumb Guy: “I’m not too picky, you know.”

Of course Megan Fox sends scandalous photos of herself all over the internet.

Being a man is so special that Dove created a body-wash to help men deal with all the pressure they feel.

Another theme was pant-less men:

And what TV Blog would this be without including the most controversial ad of the night from Focus on the Family.

I think what this ad really achieves is demonstrating how dangerous it is to have a football player as son. Watch out Mrs. Tebow!

And this Coke ad makes no sense. Maybe you guys have an understanding about what it is conveying:

But my favorite ad of the night was Google's:

Feel free to comment about which ad was your favorite and least favorite!

Peace & Love,



  1. Everyone I watched with absolutely loved the Google commercial. It was so sweet, they really knew how to hit several trillion demographics.

    The Dorrito's ad that featured the single mother introducing her boyfriend to her son will be the subject of some ridicule in the coming days, I think.

  2. I unfortunately wasn't able to watch the Super Bowl because I had to be somewhere, but I really only usually care about the commercials anyway so I'm so glad you posted them and now I can watch them :)

  3. I love the google ad, it was great. But most of the ads were repeats or were too geared towards men. Advertisers should know that not only men watch the Super Bowl these days. Great post!