Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MTV Redefines the Meaning of Reality, Again

MTV created the genre of reality television in 1992 with the Real World. The Real World, as if you all don't already know, is a show based on the idea of putting 7 - 8 strangers in house together and filming them 24/7. MTVs bright idea is to put people with vastly different ideologies, life choices, and backgrounds in a house together and watch the drama unfold.

MTV then introduced the documentary style series Laguna Beach. This is the start of MTV altering the definition of reality television. Laguna Beach received much criticism due to several scenes that seemed to be re-shot and alleged staging be MTV. Laguna Beach was filmed for three seasons and had a successful spin-off The Hills which received the same criticism.

MTV's latest reality endeavor My Life as Liz is the first MTV reality show that acknowledges that it is not "real." At the beginning of each episode text comes on the screen stating the the people, places and events are real... "at least the way I [Liz] see it."

Th show it self is cute. It is Daria meets Juno minus the pregnancy factor plus aspiring musician. I don't think it will last more than a season if that. It is too cutesy and lacks any real dram that would make the show more interesting.


  1. Most popular channel among the teen ages and young people also. There are few reality show are there. Based on region or country they make many reality shows. I love watching mtv in Satellite TV .

  2. i think my life as liz is dumbb. not to mention she is giving my name a bad name.
    .....who asks boys to the prom??
    (bahaha i was remembering how we got dates to prom-(remember Red?) we were much classier than my life as Liz.)

  3. oh Gawd Elizabeth! Don't bring up such an embarrassing experience up on this blog. haha